'Winning on Brexit, Winning for Labour' with Chris Clark & Clive Lewis MP

I believe Brexit is a mistake, and a Tory ‘hard Brexit’ must be stopped at all costs. I believe that there should be a second referendum on the terms of deal, with the option of rejecting Brexit.

However we must not tar all Leave voters with the same brush, when many were kicking against an unresponsive political elite that had failed to address the lack of housing, jobs and opportunities; where too many communities were held back.

We need a plan, based on Labour's values and manifesto, to build the houses, create the jobs, invest in our public infrastructure and give people who have felt ignored a sense of hope.

These problems were not caused by immigration. Nor can they be addressed by taking actions that shrink our economy.

I say we should put any deal to the British people: and ask - do you really want this most Tory of Hard Brexits, with big corporations entrenching their grip whilst working rights are thrown on the bonfire?

Or would you prefer to remain in the European Union, with the understanding that we will straight away start investing the proceeds of our nation’s continued prosperity under a Labour Government into meeting the needs of the majority of our nation.

Join me and Clive Lewis MP as we discuss how we win on Brexit, and how we win in Cities of London and Westminster for Labour.

Location: Seven Dials Club - WC2H 9LA

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