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Chris shortlisted for Cities of London & Westminster


ransport worker Chris Clark has been placed on the shortlist of potential Labour candidates for the Cities of London & Westminster

Interviews took place on 12th December, and local party members will vote to select the candidate in January 2018.

Chris lived in Vincent Square when he first moved to London as an English student at King’s College London, and has worked in the heart of the constituency at London Underground’s iconic head office building, 55 Broadway, for over 10 years.

Chris said: “I’m delighted to have made the short list with the support of GMB, ASLEF, TSSA and Open Labour.

“In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be setting out why I believe I’m the candidate best placed to take on Mark Field and win this seat for Labour for the first time in its history.”

'Winning on Brexit, Winning for Labour' with Chris Clark & Clive Lewis MP

I believe Brexit is a mistake, and a Tory ‘hard Brexit’ must be stopped at all costs. I believe that there should be a second referendum on the terms of deal, with the option of rejecting Brexit.

However we must not tar all Leave voters with the same brush, when many were kicking against an unresponsive political elite that had failed to address the lack of housing, jobs and opportunities; where too many communities were held back.

We need a plan, based on Labour's values and manifesto, to build the houses, create the jobs, invest in our public infrastructure and give people who have felt ignored a sense of hope.

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